The brain-child of Rose Blum, Farm Salon, An Artists Collect-Ive, was founded in 2017 as a new space for local artists to explore their relationship with the viewer. Rose, although not an artist herself, has many friends and family involved in the arts and she dreamed of a place for them to show and be seen in a open and loving environment.

She picked one artist, her sister Maribeth; Maribeth picked Rochelle,—in between Patrick came on board and picked Joel and Rob—Rochelle picked Francie, Francie picked Pete. Then Norman Greig, the owner of Greig Farm, picked Wilfredo and the group of Founders was complete.

ABOUT the founders

The exhibitions, like the farm, will align with the seasons; showing four times a year for three months at a stretch. No rest for the wicked! If an artist cannot show during a season, they will select a new maker from the local pool. An so on, forever.


The Greig Farm barn was built in 1846. A new section to the right of it was constructed in 1860. To the right of that a smaller section housing cows was built in 1946 and the the space housing the gallery in 1956.

GREIG FARM BARN. ©1959 Robert Greig
GREIG FARM BARN. ©1959 Robert Greig