The Artists

Saskia Baden

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Saskia Baden was born and raised in Western North Carolina and now lives and works
in the Hudson Valley. She graduated from Bard College in 2017 with a degree in photography. Her work is primarily black and white, large format film photography. Analog photography’s inherent relationship to death, memory, and impermanence are what fuel her practice.


Maribeth Blum Tuton


I’ve been painting passionately since 1983, with approximately 300 reverse glass paintings completed and in private collections throughout the US. Paintings are done on carefully selected antique windows and are non-transparent.

The technique I use is unlike any other; a fresh, innovative approach to reverse painting on glass. My work concentrates solely on conveying the beautiful side of life. Each one is filled with gorgeous color and provides a unique perspective to the world.



Nicole Dreyfus


Nicole Dreyfus is a self-taught artist from Brooklyn, NY. She studied creative writing and art history at Bard College, and then went on to teach elementary school and yoga.

Her creative influences include artists Edvard Munch, Albert Pinkham Ryder, William Turner, James Ensor, Hieronymous Bosch; the movements of Abstract Expressionism, Fauvism, Impressionism, Symbolism, and Outsider Art; as well as music poems, dreams children’s art family slides, newspaper photographs, and the “art of the mentally ill”. She uses color, texture, and intuition to create emotional pieces open to interpretation.


Joel Griffith


Joel Griffith (b. 1974) grew up in Tivoli, N.Y. He earned his MFA from Bard College in 2003 and his BA with honors from Grinnell College in 1996.

Griffith has been exhibiting throughout the Hudson Valley since 1994 and has become locally known for his hyper-realistic landscapes of Tivoli and its environs. His paintings are held in many private collections and in the public collection of the Village of Tivoli.

Of painting, Griffith says “I paint the world so I may see the world, to try and know it in all its depth and complexity, to witness its beauty and truth. I hope that viewers will find in these paintings a record of that engagement, and then look again at the world itself with a refreshed and deepened vision.”



Robert Hacunda


Painting is about rhythm, timing and pitch with focus paid to the processes and mechanisms of internal conflicts and metaphors.



Patrick Lazarus


Patrick was born and raised in the Hudson Valley. He has a background in building and decorative painting, skills which recently have grown into sculpting and abstract painting. He has shown pieces in two community shows at TAG (Tivoli Artists Gallery).



Peter Mauney


Pete Mauney lives and works and likes the dark.



Wilfredo Morel


Morel has been creating steel sculptures and restoring existing works for several decades. His local art installations include a riverfront sculpture at China Pier in Peekskill composed of recycled piping from the old Fleischmann gin plant, a permanent installation of recycled materials at the Mid-Hudson Bridge (between Poughkeepsie and Highland), the refurbishing of an antique bronze sculpture portraying St. Augustine for St. Augustine’s Church in Ossining, where it is the central focus for a church plaza and park created around it, and 15 works of recycled materials installed as roadside art along Route 9, sponsored by Peekskill area industry.

His work is also found in many private collections, as well as a life-size abstract steel sculpture  permanently installed at the Marist College Student Center in Poughkeepsie.



Rochelle Redfield


In 2006 published first children’s book, “Animabcdaire” which she wrote and illustrated. She now works as a freelance artist and illustrator.



Francie Soosman

francie family passport

A “local” by way of Bard College, freelance print designer, photographer, collect-er, sometimes knitter, covet-er, art maker and lover. In 1993, she curated a photography show, INSTAMATIC!, The 110 Show, with fellow alumni Aretha Sills at Five Day Forecast in San Francisco, CA.